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Your top 6 for 2016

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Last year was an interesting mix of topics for HSE, and it was reflected in our most popular blog posts for 2016. Take a look at our pick of your top 6:

How much can you expect to earn with your SAMTRAC qualification?


There is no doubt that health and safety professionals are committed to their work, and their industry. But – to be frank – passion alone doesn’t pay the bills. When planning your career, it’s helpful to know where your qualifications will take you, and the qualifications you’ll need to acquire when you want to go further. With this in mind, here are 14 of the most common jobs in the occupational health and safety industry, and what you can hope to earn by performing each of them.


How to answer the hard HSE questions


Point of fact – there are only hard HSE questions if you don’t have an answer for them. And this is not advisable when your actions (or inactions) can lead to injury or loss of life. Have a look at the following sample list of ‘hard’ HSE questions. If your answers resemble the solutions we have provided, then every HSE question will more than likely have an easy answer. Simple.


10 great examples of ‘green’ buildings and concepts worldwide


Take inspiration from these 10 examples of what companies and cities are doing worldwide when it comes to going green. From the German parliament to a homeless centre in Oregon filled with green space, these days, the best sustainable architecture goes far beyond a few rooftop solar panels.


10 golden rules for workplace safety


Staying healthy and safe at work is important. But sometimes, we are so preoccupied with each area’s specific safety concerns that we forget safety begins simply, and becomes more detailed as you become more focused. No matter what your job, use these 10 golden rules as you reduce your risks of injury and illness at work.


HSE terminology: A glossary


We’ve compiled a list of the key terms you would need to share with decision makers and shareholders, in order to get the health and safety requirements for your business approved with minimum confusion and maximum understanding. Stay in line with current industry developments with the only glossary you’ll need.


Where can you work with your HSE training?


We’ve put together a list of some of the industries and positions you’re sure to successfully apply to (and for) with your SAMTRAC qualification.


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