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The precise effect of poor ergonomics on employee performance

[fa icon="calendar'] 1/17/18 6:00 PM / by SAMTRAC posted in HSE for employees, Safety, Workplace safety, HSE best practice, Office safety, Ergonomics, Facilities management

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Perhaps as the result of a lack of information, many people view the topic of ergonomics as a ‘soft’ subject – that by giving credence to it and supporters of sound ergonomic principles, you are giving in to those who want a ‘cushy ride’ at the workplace. But, you’d be doing both you and your employees a disservice by ignoring the issue completely.

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The 9 key qualities of a star safety officer

[fa icon="calendar'] 8/5/17 6:00 PM / by SAMTRAC posted in Corporate HSE, HSE for employees, HSE training, Health and Safety, HSE, HSE culture, HSE best practice

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You might say, ‘I’m just a safety officer – not a leader’. ALL safety professionals are leaders, as you are responsible for guiding your entire organisation when it comes to adopting, implementing and following sound safety practices.

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Applying adult learning principles in workplace safety training

[fa icon="calendar'] 3/29/17 4:45 PM / by SAMTRAC posted in e-learning, HSE for employees, Leadership in HSE, HSE training

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We’ve covered how to implement a training-needs analysis. In the second of our blogs on rolling out HSE training in the workplace, we focus on the adult learning principles you’ll need to adopt for the training to be effective. The workers you want to train are adults, and adults share certain characteristics that make training more effective for them (or less effective if you ignore the characteristics). If your training recognises and respects these adult learning principles, it is likely to be more effective. If your training disregards these principles, you’re wasting training money. 

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A snippet from our Mining Glossary [A-H]

[fa icon="calendar'] 12/7/16 9:00 AM / by SAMTRAC posted in HSE Mining, HSE for employees, Glossary

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Mining in South Africa directly contributed to the establishment of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange in the late 19th century, and today it still accounts for a third of its market capitalisation. It is clear how much mining in South Africa has shaped the country politically, culturally, and economically.

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Health and Safety Training: 7 Benefits to Your Employees

[fa icon="calendar'] 5/7/16 9:00 AM / by SAMTRAC posted in HSE for employees

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No matter how small or large your company is, your employees can work in any field of industry and will face workplace dangers that can threaten their health and safety. Because of this, it’s essential that you provide health and safety training to your workers and update their knowledge on a regular basis. This will ensure the following SEVEN benefits:

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