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The top environmental, health, safety and sustainability conferences to attend this year

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A third of the year’s already over, but there’s still a lot happening in health and safety this year, especially when it comes to key conferences you may want to consider attending. As we know, conferences can be overwhelming and leave you questioning if it was really worth it in the end. That said, a good conference can be a source of much-needed inspiration, provide unique networking opportunities and offer instant insights into your current challenges.


In January, Heather Albarazi from Enhesa, published the list of the top 10 environmental, health, safety and sustainability conferences to attend this year. Here are those that she recommended for the remainder of 2017.


Behavioural Safety Conference 2017
Date: April 27–28
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Description: At this conference you will have the opportunity to attend a workshop hosted by Vestas that focuses on developing your observation and feedback skills. Other themes include creating or refining a global strategy to serious injury and fatality prevention, special spotlight sessions on smart manufacturing, and how to build a best-in-class safety network within the company.


11th Annual HSE Excellence Europe
Date: May 23–24
Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Description: Now in its 11th year, the HSE Excellence Europe Forum has developed into a well-known business meeting for health, safety and environment leaders from around the world. The objective of the HSE Excellence series was always to provide HSE decision makers with relevant software and service providers to assist in their daily work.

NAEM Women’s Leadership Conference
Date: June 20–22
Location: Portland, Oregon, USA
Description: Join an impressive group of women for a two-day growth journey filled with inspiring speakers, hands-on exercises and myriad approaches to driving personal and professional advancement. Discover ways to optimise your effectiveness as a leader by managing complex business initiatives, leading effectively through mindfulness, leveraging new organisational models, polishing your leadership brand, and achieving goals through stronger negotiation.


XXI World Congress on Safety & Health
Date: September 3–6
Location: Singapore
Description: The World Congress for Safety and Health at Work opens its doors every three years, with a new country hosting the event each time. It offers a platform for the exchange of information and views to experts in occupational safety and health, representatives of enterprises and workers (the social partners), decision-makers in governments and public authorities, and anyone else active in the area of occupational safety and health.

Date: November 20–21
Location: Birmingham, UK
Description: This year, with a new venue and new date, IOSH 2017 will be a highlight of the OSH calendar. By learning how to secure the buy in of strategic decision-makers in their business and across the supply chain, attendees now understand how to engineer enduring benefits in terms of their organisation’s reputation, resilience and results.  

National Safety Council Congress & Expo
Date: September 23–29
Location: Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
Description: Through the Safe Communities America programme, NSC certifies communities with rigorous safety initiatives. For more than 100 years, professionals have come to this event for industry-leading technology, education, networking opportunities, and products and services needed to stay at the forefront of, and remain competitive within, the industry.

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At the end of the day, a conference is only as productive as you make it. The opportunity to have industry leaders all under one roof is rare so take advantage by asking questions or tweeting your comments to the speakers directly and don’t forget to take notes. By the end of the conference, you will likely have hundreds of business cards but very little recollection about each of those conversations, so jot a few notes on their business card to ensure an easy conversation starter post-conference.




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