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SAMTRAC International’s Head of Innovation for NOSA, Dr. Deonie Botha talks about trends in the HSE industry, and gives her expert insight into why companies should get in line with HSE standards.


The changing face of HSE

Our understanding of health and safety is constantly evolving, and we’re seeing new trends emerging in the HSE sphere. In this blog post we’ll be looking at emerging trends in the HSE industry.

Tailoring your approach to HSE training

HSE training is getting a promotion. Traditional training methods still have their place, but with new HSE industry trends, it is imperative to look at how your employees are trained in workplace health and safety. Instead of using a one-size-fits-all approach, companies should be assessing their most critical health and safety problems and prioritising them. Structure your company’s HSE training methodology to include the most relevant material, so that your employees get the best training for your company.


New training methods


Training content needs to be accessible


E-learning  is cementing its place as the new HSE training standard, and developments such as gamification and tactile learning are making it essential to provide training that is dynamic and applicable. 


It is difficult for employees to integrate HSE theory into their working environment and training methods need to address this challenge. Tactile learning, such as that offered by Immersive Technologies gives employees a chance to experience health and safety challenges first-hand, applying their HSE training practically, and learning along the way. This virtual environment teaches employees how to manage situations before they are faced with them in the workplace. HSE training is provided in context, and the gap between training and its application is closed. Employees take charge of their safety, and go on to become safety leaders.

Living the Health and Safety lifestyle

At SAMTRAC International, we’re encouraging our employees to live a health and safety lifestyle; following safety measures not only in the workplace, but at home as well. If employees understand that HSE training is for their overall benefit, the training becomes more effective.

Safety needs to be logical. People need to understand why they have to follow a procedure. If someone doesn’t understand why a certain safety standard exists, they won’t see it as important, and might not follow it.


Your employees look fine, but are they?

Mental well-being in the workplace

The HSE industry encourages every organization to develop a health and safety policy with a section on mental health. This may seem like a daunting challenge, but by using new training methods it may be easier to formulate psychosocial health procedures within your organization.

The need for mental health awareness in the workplace is becoming increasingly evident. In the UK, one in four adults are likely to experience a mental health condition in any given year. Employers are being encouraged to promote mental wellbeing within their company for the health of their employees.


HSE on a global scale

How it affects every employee in your organisation

HSE exists at a global level, and industry leaders are promoting the international adoption of HSE protocols. Global health standards are set by the International Standards Organization (ISO) which promotes the health and safety of the international community. The right training platform will keep your company up to date with the HSE industry.

SAMTRAC International offers an e-learning course which is globally available, interactive, and standardised across multiple countries. Training your employees through SAMTRAC International gives you international accreditation, keeping you at the forefront of global HSE trends.


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If you'd like to understand the HSE industry further, we've compiled a list of HSE terminology, which covers the phrases and terms that are used most often in the industry.


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