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HSE Training: The Benefits to Your Business

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 Your business, regardless of its size, should be investing in HSE training. In our previous blog post, we discussed the terminology used in HSE and how to make sense of it. In this post, we will be looking at the benefits that HSE training can bring to your business.

Health and Safety Executive Annual Report – Some Statistics

Increase your company’s productivity

Workplace injuries and accidents lower your employees’ productivity levels. HSE training will enforce safety knowledge and standards, reducing the risk of workplace accidents.
While physical injuries are a big strain on your workforce, mentally stressed employees also perform less productively. Countless work hours are lost because employees are injured or stressed in the workplace, which is a result of improper safety procedures.
HSE training improves productivity by:
  • Providing a support structure and framework for health and safety related issues in the workplace
  • Making employers and employees aware of workplace procedures and regulations
  • Creating a safe workplace environment

HSE training safeguards your company reputation

Enhance and protect your brand value and image with HSE training. Proper HSE standards create satisfied employees and when employees feel secure and happy in their work environment, your business reputation improves, resulting in more leads and increased sales. A better reputation for HSE responsibility improves your company’s relationship with investors, customers and communities.

How can HSE training save you money? 

Financial costs associated with loss of productivity and healthcare represent £6.0 billion of the £14.2 billion that Britain loses annually to ineffective implementation HSE legislation. Twenty percent (20%) of this cost falls on employers. Improved HSE training and standards within a company alleviate this financial strain.
A safe workplace lends itself to employee health and happiness. You’ll lose fewer trained employees to accidents and dissatisfaction, which saves you money that could be spent on training new employees.

Protect your company legally 

In the UK, there were 77 593 non-fatal injuries to employees reported in 2013/14. If they were not fatal, why should this concern you? Injuries of this nature affect a company’s insurance and occasionally necessitate legal proceedings. This can damage your company’s reputation and affect overall performance – time is lost and employees are disrupted.

Management of health and safety in the workplace



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http://www.hse.gov.uk/statistics/overall/hssh1314.pdf (Accessed 1 September 2015)

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