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7 signs your workplace may need better HSE training

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Reading this great piece from the Workplace Safety Group made us think about when it’s time to do some safety refreshers.

Your workplace is ticking along, everyone has undergone the required health and safety training at some point, and it appears that everyone understands how to prevent and minimise risk. So there’s nothing more for you to do – right? Well, no actually.


 Picture of man on a construction site following health and safety rules. As any mechanic worth his salt will tell you, maintenance is an ongoing, essential requirement to ensure things keep running smoothly. With this in mind, take a look at the following seven signs that your company and its employees could do with better health and safety training. You might be surprised at what appears on the list.




  1. New government safety regulations have been implemented and they impact your workplace

If you’re staying up-to-date and compliant, you’ll be keeping a close eye on any changes to the legislation relevant to your company. When this happens, you will immediately need to add this information to your existing rules, and arrange for the necessary refresher training. But, take care – don’t merely tack the new information at the end of your current procedures. You’ll need to review your current procedures, and assess where to integrate the new rules.

Remember: Just because retraining may not be legally required doesn’t mean you don’t need it.


  1. It has been a few years since your workplace has experienced a serious injury or fatality

If this is your workplace – congratulations. It’s a fine achievement, but it might mean your workers could become relaxed about safety, with an incident right around the corner.


  1. Your workplace has experienced a serious safety incident

It goes without saying – it’s definitely time for a safety refresher course!


  1. Your worker is starting a new job that builds on their ongoing safety and technical knowledge

Promotions and job growth are wonderful for your employees. But amongst the celebrating, ensure you arrange for your employee to review previous safety training before learning new tasks and additional safety measures for their new role and responsibilities.


  1. You observe workers taking dangerous shortcuts or not wearing their PPE

Sometimes, especially if you haven’t experienced any serious incidents in a while, your staff could become complacent about safety. If you begin to notice a general lack of respect for safety protocol at your workplace, then a refresher course is certainly in order.


  1. Your workers are starting a task that they haven’t performed in a while

People do forget things, especially if some time has passed. It happens. If you know you’ll require colleagues or employees to perform a task they haven’t carried out recently, schedule a refresher training course. This is especially if any of your workers are unsure about how to perform a task, and if that task requires multiple steps. Accidentally skipping a step or performing them in the wrong order can ruin expensive equipment and endanger lives.


  1. You are introducing new equipment to a production line

Even if your new equipment performs a similar function to older equipment, be sure to review relevant safety procedures (such as lockout/tag-out procedures for the new equipment) before attempting to learn about its new bells and whistles.

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